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 Nvivo 11 Pro Windows Subscription For Graduate Students

Product Info & Requirements

For Graduate Student purchase only.

NVivo is for analyzing audio, video, pictures, or documents, and is designed for researchers in every field.

NVivo 11 Pro Windows Subscription for Graduate Students



  • Manufacturer: QSR International
  • Who Can Purchase: Graduate Student
  • Installation Permissions: One Per Machine
  • Second Installation: Not Permitted
  • Return Policy: Standard Return Policy Applies
  • License Term: Annual
  • Annual Renewal Date: May
  • Contract Administrator: Mike Mrsa
  • Export Control Restrictions: No Restrictions
  • Important Information: License valid from June 1st to May 31st each year. Purchases up to 90 days prior to expiration will not be charged renewal fees. Software can only be used for learning, teaching or educational research.
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