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Microsoft EES FAQ

Posted by Software @ Penn State | 07.01.2011

Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) FAQs


Penn State has entered into a Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) agreement which takes effect on July 1, 2011.


What products are included for my annual FTE fee?







Windows Upgrades *


Windows Thin PC


Enterprise CAL Suite includes access rights for:


Windows Standard


Windows Active Directory Rights Mgmnt


Exchange Server Std


Exchange Server Enterprise


SharePoint Server Std


SharePoint Server Enterprise


Lync Server Std


Lync Server Enterprise


SCCM Standard Management License


SCCM Enterprise Management License


SCCM Client Management Suite


Forefront Protection Suite


Forefront Endpoint Protection


Forefront Unified Access Gateway

Windows Server






Exchange Server




Sharepoint Server




Lync Server




System Center

Configuration Mgr


Client Mgmnt Suite


Data Protection Mgr


Service Manager


Protection Suite


Endpoint Protection


Unified Access Gateway



SQL Server





Standard per Proc


Enterprise per Proc

IT Academy



* Upgrades only on machines with a previous version of Windows OS installed.  Upgrade licenses are eligible on a Macintosh via VM or Bootcamp.


This is a higher per FTE fee than we paid last year.  What are the differences?

The previous 6-year Campus Agreement with Microsoft was for Office only.  Some administrative areas also chose to license Core CAL and/or Windows Upgrades as well.  This agreement licenses the entire University’s faculty and staff, with the exception of technical service employees, for all of the products listed above.


Does this cover all the machines that my campus/college/department owns? 

Licenses can be installed on any machine purchased with University funds. Machines that are loaned to the University for Penn State use are also covered. For example machines loaned for research purposes.  Licenses must be removed from these machines once they are no longer in use by the University.


How much will I pay each year (for the next 6 years)? 

For fiscal year 11/12, administrative areas will be charged based on what they were licensing in the previous fiscal year.  In subsequent fiscal years, all administrative areas will pay the same amount for the entire license suite.  Estimated cost for fiscal year 12/13 per FTE will be $50.  Cost per FTE is expected to increase slightly each subsequent fiscal year.


Are the licenses perpetual? 

No, the EES is a 6-year lease program. At the end of the contract term, Penn State's option will be to renew the lease, buy out the licenses to become perpetual, or revert to the versions that you currently have installed as of June 2011.


How will I get the media?

Media for Penn State owned machines will be available for purchase from the Computer Store website and will be available via download.  Media for Work at Home rights must be purchased from the Computer Store website.


Can I borrow the departmental media to install at home?

No. Per the EES, departmental media cannot physically leave Penn State nor can you use the product key from the departmental media for installation at home. However, you may purchase WAH media for a personally owned machine.


If I need a Microsoft product that is not on this list, how do I acquire it? 

All Microsoft licenses not included in the EES will continue to be available through the Software @ Penn State website under the Select Program.


How is the FTE calculated? 

The FTE counts are provided by the University Budget Office and are calculated each year in September. 


Are technical service employees covered by the EES?

No, they are not a included when calculating the FTE.


I understand that student licensing is part of our Campus Agreement.  Is my college paying for that? 

No, please click here for information on the Microsoft Software available for students.