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 Windows 10 Education Media

Product Info & Requirements

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Windows 10 Education Media


Item # DM-EES-069

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Software at Penn State only offers the physical copy of Windows 10 Education Media. Click here to access the downloadable version through downloads.its.psu.edu.

Microsoft EES

  • Manufacturer: Microsoft
  • Who Can Purchase: Departments
  • Installation Permissions: One Per Machine,PSU Owned Machine,PSU Controlled Machine,Virtual Machine
  • Second Installation: Laptop,Virtual Machine
  • Return Policy: Standard Return Policy Applies
  • License Term: Multi-year
  • Contract Administrator: Tim White
  • Export Control Restrictions: Click here for export information.
  • Important Information: Media for Microsoft EES contract which became effective on July 1, 2011. Technical Service employees are not eligible to purchase this item.

  • Licenses do not need to be ordered with this media. This media is for Penn State owned machines ONLY. This cannot not be used on personally owned machines.

    This software authenticates against the Penn State KMS. No product key is needed. More information and full instructions for KMS can be found here.

    This item is DVD only.

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