Software @ Penn State

Troubleshooting Login Issues

Before clearing Cookies and Cache, please try opening a new Private window on your browswer:


Chrome: File>New Incognito Window

Firefox: File> New Private Window

Safari: File> New Private Window

Internet Explorer: Ctrl+Shift+P


To clear Cache and Cookies:



  1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar  (the 3 horizontal lines located under the X to close the window)
  2. Select Tools
  3. Select Clear Browsing Data
  4. Use the drop-down menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete - select beginning of time to delete everything
  5. Check the boxes of the types of information that you want to delete
  6. Click Clear Browsing Data

Internet Explorer 

Internet Explorer 10 (Desktop Version)

The Desktop Version has the address window at the top. 

  1. Click Tools (or press Alt+T)
  2. Select Internet Options
  3. Click Delete (under the General Tab)
  4. Put a check mark next to all options that apply
  5. Click Delete

Internet Explorer 9

The Tools icon is located in the upper-right corner of the Internet Explorer window.

  1. Click the Tools icon Tools icon(or press Alt+T) 
  2. ?Select Safety > Delete browsing history
  3. Select the Temporary Internet files check box and then clear the other check boxes
  4. Click Delete



Windows OS

  1. From the Tools menu, select Clear Private Data... (or it may say Clear Recent History), and then select the items you want to delete (e.g., Browsing History, Cache, Cookies)
  2. Click Clear Private Data Now (or Clear Now)
  3. Close all open Firefox browser windows
  4. Open a new Firefox browser window

Mac OS 

  1. Click the Firefox button at the top of the browser window
  2. Select Preferences and then the Privacy tab
  3. Click the link to clear your recent history
  4. Select the desired range; to clear your entire cache, select Everything
  5. Click the arrow to display "Details" (if necessary)
  6. Select Cookies and Cache
  7. Click Clear Now