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 Contribute 6.5 Win License

Product Info & Requirements

No product info and requirements available.

Contribute 6.5 Win License


Item # 65191145AB03A00

Adobe has now required end users to create and log in with Adobe IDs to install and use their software. If you do not have an Adobe ID you will need to go to and register for one. Once you have the Adobe ID you can complete the installation of this software.

Adobe CLP

  • Manufacturer: Adobe
  • Who Can Purchase: Departments
  • Installation Permissions: One Per Machine,PSU Owned Machine
  • Second Installation: Laptop,Home Machine
  • Return Policy: Special Order Not Returnable
  • License Term: Perpetual
  • Contract Administrator: Tim White
  • Export Control Restrictions: See Notes
  • Important Information: The second install can be on a personally owned computer for the same user only, for the sole purpose of completing Penn State work. This second install must never be run at the same time (concurrently) as the initial install.

    Adobe software is marketed and distributed worldwide, under License Exception ENC for Retail. This means that it may be exported to all countries except those that are restricted under U.S. law. The currently prohibited destinations are Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. Contact BIS for the most current list of prohibited countries.
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